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Tryout Information

Facts About Indianettes

Tryout Orientation Meeting


Thursday, March 28                     7:00 p.m.             Keller High School Gym
Other meetings by appointment only.  

This parent/candidate meeting is required for each applicant and the parent/guardian.  At the meeting,
the interested parties will receive an application, handbook, permission to audition form, contracts and 
travel and publicity release forms.  The director will go over the handbook, requirements, costs, calendar
dates, camp information, practice requirements, etc.

All meetings with the director must be concluded prior to Tuesday, April 9.

Application Deadline


Tuesday,  April 2                 3:30 p.m.            Keller High School font>


Pre-Tryout Workshop


Monday-Wednesday, April 1-3        3:15-5:15            Keller High School Dance Room

This workshop is NOT required.  The cost is $10.00 to participate in the workshop.  The intent of the workshop is to help the candidate better prepare for the audition.  Make checks payable to KHS.


Tryout Workshop


Monday, April 8-Thursday, April 11;        3:15-5:15            Keller High School Gym

This workshop is required at "no cost" to any individual desiring to audition for the Indianettes Dance/Drill Team.  The two audition routines (jazz & high kick) will be taught at the workshop.
A.  Wear shorts, shirt, one piece leotard, tights, jazz shoes or teenis shoes.
B.  Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or bun.
C.  No gum, food or jewelry is allowed
D.  The application must be on file before a candidate is allowed to participate in the workshop.




Thursday, April 12                             5:00                     Keller High School Gym

A.  The candidate must wear a black leotard, black tights, white socks, white pointed tennis shoes.  No belt or cover up will be allowed in the audition.  Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail.
B.  Each candidate will receive a tryout number to be pinned to her leotard for identification purposes
C.  Audition groups will be in groups of 3-4 individuals.
D.  Auditions are closed to all spectators.  Only those assisting with the audition will be allowed in the gym.
E.  Selection will be based on jazz technique (coordination, style, grace), high kick technique (flexibility, height, extension, strength, endurance), projection, memory, split technique and overall impression.
F.  If necessary, callbacks will begin immediately following the evaluation of all candidates.
G.  Following callbacks, the building must be cleared and only the candidate will be allowed in the gym to receive her letter.  Upon dismissal, each candidate will leave the school building and will not be allowed to return into the building.


New Team Meeting
Saturday, April 13   8:00 a.m.      Meet at Keller High School. Cost for Breakfast: $8.00
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