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Special Notes

Special Notes

Dear Kim & the Indianettes,

Thank you so much for performing at the basketball game. The routine was wonderful and we all enjoyed it. We also appreciated your support throughout the entire game.

Thanks again,
Tom, Margie, J.T. and Elizabeth Gale

Dear Indianettes and M.O.Y. Volunteers,

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a part of the "Man of the Year" program. It was even more fun that I'd imagined. I had never attended one of the Man of the Year programs and was quite nervous, but it was great. You all did a great job putting on the show. I really enjoyed being a part of it and had a grat time. Thanks for all the hard work. It was an honor to even be nominated. Thanks again.

Travis Black

Mrs. Burge,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a judge for "Man of the Year"! I had tons of fun picking out that very special young "man of the year"! It is always a pleasure to see you. I hope to get to work with you again sometime.
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Dear Indianettes,

Thank you so much for the honor of being selected teacher of the week. In our profession, we get so few pats on the back. It made me feel so special. I enjoyed the gift pack - especially the gift certificate. You girls really know how to make a teacher feel special! You girls are great! I admire you discipline and dedication!


Mrs. Henderson
English Teacher

Dear Indianettes,

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate working with you. I have been teaching dance teams for 12 years and had the privilege to teach some of the best in the state. I can honestly say that no team has ever been as gracious and wam as you all have been. It truly is a "joy" to work with you. It is a great accomplishment to balance tremendous talent with tremendous humility. That is the mark of a truly great dance team. From the first day I worked with you all six or more years ago, I knew what a great group of girls you are. I hope that your upper classmen will carry those things you have learned from Indianettes into the real world, recognizing that you are better because of them. I hope that your lower classmen will continue to carryon that Indianette legacy, never letting your talent overshadow your humility and graciousness! Good luck this year and thank you.

I Love Ya'll

Kristina Cross
Crowd Pleaser Dance Camps

Dear Mrs. Burge & Indianettes,

Many thanks for all your hard work and support for Catherine Harvey and her family during her illness! Your kindness and generousity are greatly appreciated every day.

Many, many thanks,

Debbie Gelmini and Constance Augus


Please thank your young ladies for being so sweet! I had a very bad week and when I saw my door this morning (teacher of the week), it made everything so much better.
Thank you,

Ron Hester

Dear Kim and Indianettes:

I enjoyed your performance last Friday night in The Colony. Your hard work paid off and your halftime was a success. I thought the gold poms along with your formations were very effective on the field. I wish continued success during this football season.

Go Indians-

Debra Roth
Starmakers Camps

Dear Indianettes,

Thank you so much for the honor of teacher of the week! You are all such wonderful, hard-working young ladies, so I do feel very honored by your announcement.

I really appreciate all you do for Keller High School - not just for the outstanding entertainment - but for being ladies of charactger and commitment.

It is such a joy to have some of you in my classes! Thank you, once again! I am excited about the success we will see from you this year.

With gratitude,

Ms. Katie Keyes

Dear Mrs. Burge,

I hope this card doesn't come at an inopportune time. I am a member of the band, and I greatly appreciate all of the support and encouragement you have shown us. Thank you for attempting to come to U.I.L. Monday night, (I apologize for it being postpoined), and thank you for cheering us as we were leaving yesterday. What you and the Indianettes did meant so much to the entire band. We will be there to support you at Texas Stadium. Once again, thank you.


Erin Maline
(French Horn)

Dear Kim,

You have cornered the market on creative and clever! The Indianette's routine after the homecoming game was fabulous. Your incredible team members so effectively mimicked simming and movement through water that I became thoroughly immersed in their synchronized "swimming".

While the Indianettes are always a delight to watch, and a tremendous source of pride for us all, last Friday was simply beyond words. I thank you and each one of the Indianettes for the hard work and commitment to excellence, and most of all, for the joy splashed out on the rest of us when they dance.


Robin W. Carrington

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