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(New Indianette parents)


 The ISO is the Indianette Service Organization, the booster group for the Indianettes.  Members raise money for team expenses.  The activities of the organization are governed by the Executive council, which is made up of the team director, four elected officers, and the team leaders of the following major ISO committees:  Projects, Communication, Publicity, Bazaars, and Property/Set Design.  From time to time other committee chairpersons or members will also attend the ISO Executive council meeting to give reports and have input concerning the various projects they are in charge of.
 The Executive council prepares a budget, which is presented at the first ISO membership meeting held in August.  During this meeting, the ISO members discuss and vote on the budget.  Without the support of the ISO, the team would not have enough funds to carry on even basic activities.  It is imperative that all families participate in some way.
The ISO members hold fund-raisers throughout the year to provide for costumes, competition fees, travel expenses, and the formal banquet/awards night held in the spring.


 Also known as the calling committee – this committee provides the ISO with a telephone network to remind members of up coming activities or to get necessary information from the members.

 From time to time, it is necessary to work with the Director on care and repair of the Indianette costumes.

 This committee provides refreshments for the meeting at which the new team parents/guardians are welcomed and the new officers are installed (or any other meeting when refreshments are desired.)
 This committee will also host the following:

PACE COMMITTEE (Positive Attitudes Change Everything)
This committee sells Indianette T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items to wear at games and competitions for team spirit. The PACE committee also provides “Sunshine” to ISO members by sending a card, organizing meals to help families with illness, and other activities to say “we care”.

 The Indianettes own a number of props, and often need others built for special performances or fund-raisers.  This committee keeps an inventory of what we have, where it’s located, and the maintenance of the items.  They also help ship or transport props to performances as needed.  The ISO maintains a storage building for these props.

 This committee handles press releases, takes pictures, and generally publicizes the activities and accomplishments of the ISO and the Indianette team.

 A food item and drink is provided for every team member for games during football season.  The ISO budget is $500 and parents/guardians may be asked to donate $10 (one time donation per year) towards expenses.  Members on the committee plan, prepare, and deliver the snack to the team after half time.  Snacks for away games may be sent on the bus with the team.


PUMPKIN ROLLS (a pumpkin cake dessert – very rich – We’re famous for them.)
 This is a significant fund-raiser for the Indianettes and is scheduled between August and November. We especially need dads to help with the baking and moving the bake carts to and from the food lab and the kitchen.
 1.  Pre-mix:  ISO members get together one evening at someone’s home to pre-measure and mix all dry ingredients.  This makes preparation go much faster.
 2.  On the Friday night before the bake off, committee members cover the food lab tables and floor with plastic, set out mixers, fans, etc.
 3.  Saturday morning, ISO members gather to bake the pumpkin rolls.  We do it by “production line”.  We bake until we’re finished.  Many members stay all day because we have a lot of fun; or you can sign up for a shift.

 Held in October or November, the Indianettes compete at Cowboy stadium.  The ISO is fortunate to have the only two concession stands open at the event.  This is another ALL NEED TO PARTICIPATE event.  It may run one or two days (Saturday/Sunday).
All team parents sign up to work shifts on the various committees:
 Photo Badges
 Food for the Cheerleaders (yes, all the dads try to volunteer for this committee!)

BAZAARS – Christmas and Spring
 The Bazaars are held during the first part of December and March.  The date for each may vary from year to year because they are determined by the school district.  The Christmas Bazaar is a two-day event (Saturday and Sunday); the Spring Bazaar is Sunday only.
 The ISO sells display booths to crafters who sell their products at the Bazaars.  The booths are set up in both gyms, the commons area, and the front entrance of the school.  We provide a snack bar service, concessions, meal service to the vendors, and sell baked goods. Because this is our largest fund-raiser, ALL INDIANETTE FAMILIES NEED TO PARTICIPATE.  Listed below are some of the Bazaar Committees:
 Kitchen (snack bar service)
 Food Service to the vendors (waiters and waitresses)
 Concessions (Soft drink stand)
 Bake Sale table (we all bring baked goods)
 Pictures with Santa or the Easter Bunny
 Decorations/Welcome table
 Audio (music, announcements, call out door prize winners.)
 Parking Lot Control
 Advertising (putting signs out)
 Silent Auction (soliciting items, preparing them for auction, running the auction)
 Raffle (getting items for raffle, organizing the ticket sales, running the raffle)

 This committee takes pictures of the Indianettes to make spirit badges and key chain buttons.  The girls and the parents purchase them, especially the badges, to wear at football games and competitions.  We also sell buttons and key chains at the Bazaars and DCCC.

 Selling flowers as a mini fund-raiser is done twice a year - first at the team tryouts in April, and again in the fall (Oct. or Nov.) at the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Competition (DCCC).
 For each event, carnations, roses, mums, etc. (whatever is the best buy), and sometimes balloons, are purchased in bulk and made into bouquets with greenery, ribbons and a gift card.  The bouquets are sold to team members, parents, and friends to give to the girls competing as good luck or congratulations bouquets.

 In January or February the Indianettes and the ISO host a “contest” for young men of Keller High School who have been invited (by the Indianettes) to participate.  The program has a different theme each year.  The Indianettes also participate and perform a dance routine.  It’s a fun evening with a wonderful show.  A panel of judges from the community select the “Man of the Year” through a scoring process.  This is another one of those WE NEED EVERYBODY TO HELP fund-raising events.

Man of the Year Committees consist of:

 Occasionally, we may need flat bed trailers with rails for the team to ride on. We will also need dads to drive them.
 We may need volunteers to set up water stations along the parade routes.

 This is the easiest kind of fund-raiser for us to do because we simply have to “show up”.  There is no set up involved, or months of committee planning.  We hire ourselves out for ticket takers at the Texas Speedway.  We are always looking for new events such as golf tournaments, etc. where we can provide people.  Often the girls help with this kind of fund-raiser.

 During the first half of our basket ball games, the girls sell flour tortillas that have numbers on them.  At half time, a trash can is placed in the center of the gym and everyone tosses the tortillas into it.  The first one to make it wins $100.
 The girls do most of the work for this fund-raiser.  A committee of one or two ISO members is sufficient.

Each year other opportunities come our way for fund-raising.  The ISO or the team may also do a car wash or garage sale.
About every three or four years, the ISO compiles a new Cookbook as a fund-raiser.


 One of the first activities for the new team, and hosted by the newly elected line officers and their moms.  The ladies get together at the home of an Indianette for a “Pot Luck” brunch.  It’s a great time to get to know each other.  There is also a program and an “initiation” for new members to the team.

 Summer camp at the University of North Texas in Denton - Usually a five-day camp.  Parents/guardians are invited to attend on the night the team first dances together as the “new team” and on Saturday morning to see the final performances and awards.  On the second night, the senior parents host a midnight snack/buffet for the team.
 Jazz Camp – usually held at the end of June.  It is a mandatory camp for officers and line officers.  All team members are encouraged to attend.  It is usually three to four days and held at a school in our area.
 Dance Clinic – Usually held second semester and sponsored by the Indianettes. This clinic is for younger girls, grades five through eight, and is held on a Saturday. The Indianette officers teach the classes and the team assists the girls in learning a routine.  The young dancers perform for their parents/guardians and then again at the Man of the Year event.

 The Indianettes sell these cards which offer discounts from local merchants.  Each girl can earn money towards her expense account by selling Gold Cards.

 The Kroger Share Card Program allows anyone purchasing groceries from Kroger to earn money for the Indianettes.  You simply ask the checker to scan your Kroger Share Card.  Once this is done your purchase amount is recorded for our organization.  Up to 2 percent of your purchase is refunded back to the Indianettes.

 The team Director will send out calendars with team practices and other important information each month.  Be sure to ask your daughter for it - don’t let it get lost in the famous Indianette bag!  It is recommended that your daughter establish a special place or file for all her calendars, newsletters, expense account information, and Indianette/ISO information and handouts.
 The Director also sends financial reports to us concerning our daughter’s Indianette expense account.  We need to pay our accounts in a timely manner.

 Competition season is usually the second semester.  The ISO pays entry fees and purchases costumes as needed for the various competitions.  The performances are open for parents/guardians/friends to attend but the hosting school usually charges admission fees.  The Indianettes is a well-respected team with many awards including National Titles.

 During competition season, the girls may choose to perform a solo, duet, or trio.  Entry fees run from $25 to $50 for each performance. You are responsible to provide the costume, entry fee, music, and choreography.  Any girl wishing to perform a solo, duet, or a trio must clear all aspects of it through the team Director.

 Out of town games – the Indianettes travel on buses (school buses or charter).  The ISO must pay for the charter buses.
 Competitions – are usually out of town.  The ISO provides the funds for competition trips.  Some parents/guardians will be needed as chaperons. (Chaperons must pay their own expenses)   However, ISO members are encouraged to make their own arrangement to attend the competition to support the team.  Many members do this - we are the cheering section in the stands.  Every other year, the team tries to make an out of state competition trip, which must be approved by the KISD.

 Call the field house around July 1st for season tickets if you are interested in reserved seating for the football games.  Call early to get on the list.

 ISO members sell cushions at games and other team activities.  The team officers sell advertisements.

 Refer to Hospitality Committee.

 One of the best Indianette traditions.  Prior to Summer Camp at the University of North Texas, the old members of the team will be assigned a “little sister” (a new member).  This is a very special relationship for both the girls, and very often their families. (Most of us realize early on that every member of the team is our “daughter”.) You will hear about the special times during the year that the “sisters” exchange gifts- Christmas, Homecoming, and Banquet are the most special.  The line officers usually decide on other times during the year when gift exchanges are appropriate.

 Indianettes have lots of “stuff” to keep track of.  Try to designate a special closet or area for it. (Responsibility and organization are two characteristics taught by the Indianette organization.)  Caring for uniforms is very important.  They are very costly and must last for many teams, not just this one. Field and Pep Rally Uniforms - Hand wash in the bathtub, using luke warm water and Dreft detergent.  Hang to dry. Use a blow dryer on low or medium to fluff up any feathers. Practice Uniforms can be placed in your washer and dryer.

 A formal banquet ends the performance and competition year for the Indianettes.  The banquet is budgeted for by the ISO. The line officers, with the help of their moms, plan a beautiful evening for the team members, their dates, and their parents/guardians.  After the dinner, an awards presentation is held to honor team and individual accomplishments.  This is also the official farewell to the senior team members and their parents/guardians.  (Indianettes wear formal attire, Dates - Tuxedos, Dads – suit and tie or sport coat, Moms – Sunday dress or “after five”)

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