ISO Bylaws
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The Indianette Service Organization

ARTICLE I.  -  NAME____________________________________________________

The name of this organization shall be the Indianette Service Organization. 
Within these by-laws, it will hereafter be referred to as “the organization”
or “ISO”.


ARTICLE II.  -  PURPOSE________________________________________________

Section 1.
The object of this organization is to be of service to the Keller High
School Indianette dance/drill team.  The organization will work in
cooperation with school officials to promote the Indianette’s achievements,
to support them financially, and to help them achieve their goals as set
forth by the Indianette Director, Indianette officers and Indianette members.

Section 2.
Said organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious,
educational, and scientific purposes, including such purposes, the making
of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations
under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding
section of any future federal tax code.

Section 3.
Meetings of this organization will be conducted in a positive and supportive
atmosphere and the organization will refrain from any negative actions.

Section 4.
No part of the net earnings of the organization shall inure to the
benefit of or be distributed to its members, trustees, officers, or other
private persons except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered
to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments
and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II
hereof.  No substantial part of the activities of the organization
shall be the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence
legislation, and the organization shall not participate in or intervene
in (including publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign
on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. 
Not withstanding any other provision of these articles, the organization
shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on
(a) by a corporation/ organization exempt from federal income tax under
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section
of any future federal tax code, or (b) by a corporation/organization, contributions
to which are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue
Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


ARTICLE III.  -  MEMBERSHIP AND DUES________________________________

Section 1.
Any adult person having an interest in the objectives of this organization
shall be eligible for membership upon the payment of the current year’s

Section 2.
Membership may be of two categories:
A.  Active membership shall be open to parents/guardians of dance/drill
team members who are presently on the team.  Dues will be $6 per person
or $10 per family (two adults residing at the same address).  Payment
of the prescribed dues will allow the individual the following privileges:
participation in all ISO activities; the right to vote and hold office
and admittance to meetings.
B.  Inactive membership shall be open to parents/guardians that
do not have a daughter/son currently engaged in the Indianette organization. 
Dues will be $6 per person or $10 per family (two adults residing at the
same address).  Payment of the prescribed dues will allow the member
all privileges except the right to vote and hold office.
 Section 3.
 The Indianette Director(s) and the High School Principal shall
be exempt from paying dues.
 Section 4.
 The term of membership will be from May 1 to April 30, but persons
may be admitted to membership at any time.  Voting privileges will
be extended to all active members whose dues are paid in full.  Dues
are payable at the first ISO meeting attended.


 ARTICLE IV  -  MEETINGS ______________________________________________

 Section 1.

 Regular meetings of the organization will be held monthly on
the second Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. of the months of August, September, October,
November, January, February, March, and April.  There will be two
meetings in May (the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays) for the purpose of electing
and installing officers.  The President, with the consent of the majority
of the Executive Council, or with the consent of the majority of the members
of the organization, will have the power to change the date of a meeting
or eliminate a meeting entirely.

 Section 2.
 Special meetings will be held at the call of the President, or
the President will call a special meeting at the written request of at
least one fourth (1/4) of the organization’s membership provided the reason
for the request is given in the written petition.  Seventy-two (72)
hours’ notification must be given prior to the call of a special meeting. 
The telephone committee will be instructed to notify the membership.

 Section 3.
 The order of business will be as follows:


A.  Call to Order

B.  Secretary’s Report and Adoption

C.  Treasurer’s Report

D.  Executive Council Report

E.  Unfinished Business

F.  New Business

G.  Announcements

H.  Adjournment


ARTICLE V.  -  OFFICERS AND THEIR ELECTION________________________

Section 1.
Positions:  The officers shall include: President, Vice-President,
Secretary, and Treasurer.  Within these by-laws, these officers will
hereafter be referred to as “The Executive Board”.

Section 2.
A. Election Date: The officers shall be elected at the first meeting
in May, immediately following the report of the nominating committee. 
Nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Only those who have
consented to serve shall be eligible for nomination, either by committee
or from the floor.  If there is more than one candidate for any office,
a vote by written ballot with the majority of those voting, will be required
to elect the officer for the position in question.

B. Eligibility:  Only paid returning members with a child on the
team are eligible to vote.

Section 3.
Officer Eligibility: Only those parents/guardians of current team members
will be eligible to hold office.


Section 4.
Assuming Office: The new officers will assume office at the second
meeting in May after installation with the beginning of the “New Business”. 
They will serve for a period of one year or until their successors are
elected.  No person will serve the same office for more than two full
consecutive terms.

Section 5.
Resignation or Termination of Office.  In the event of the resignation
of office, a letter of resignation must be submitted to the President from
the resigning officer.  Termination of office will occur when the
officer no longer has a child who is a member of the team.

Section 6.
Neglect of Office.  If any officer willfully neglects his/her
duties to the detriment of the organization, the Executive Council may
petition the membership for his/her dismissal.  The termination from
office requires a majority vote of the membership present.

Section 7.
Vacancy of Office.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of 
President, the office will be filled by the Vice-President, who will serve
until the end of the unexpired term.  In the event of a vacancy in
the office of Vice-President, the executive board will present a candidate
at the first subsequent meeting of the organization.  Nominations
from the floor will be accepted.  A majority vote of those present
and eligible to vote will be necessary for election.

In the event of a vacancy in the office of Secretary or Treasurer, the
Executive Board will appoint a replacement that will serve until the end
of the unexpired term.



Section 1.
Team leaders shall be selected by the elected officers.

Section 2.
The team leaders consist of: Projects, Property/Set Design, Publicity,
Communications, and Christmas/Spring Bazaar.

Section 3.
The team leaders will select their committees.

Section 4.
Refer to Article V., Section 3.

Section 5.
Refer to Article V., Section 5.

Section 6.
Refer to Article V., Section 6.


ARTICLE VII  -  THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL______________________________

Section 1.
A. The Executive Council will consist of the Executive Board, team
leaders and the Director.  The executive council will serve for a
period of one year or until its successors take office.
B. Two members of the same family shall not serve on the Executive Board
or the Executive Council during the same term of office.

Section 2.
The Executive Council will have the power in the intervals between
meetings to transact all business not otherwise provided for in the by-laws
or delegated to a special committee, except that of modifying any action
taken by the organization.  All expenditures must be approved by a
majority of the elected officers and expenditures of more than three hundred
dollars ($300) must be approved by the organization.  The executive
council will approve the depository selected by the Treasurer.  A
majority vote of those present will be necessary to decide on a matter.

Section 3.
The Executive Council will meet prior to each regular meeting of the
organization.  The Executive Council will be subject to the call of
the President or on the request of at least half of the members.

Section 4.
An orientation meeting will be held for incoming and outgoing Executive
Council members within one week after being elected to office.



Section 1.
The President will preside at all meetings of the organization and
the Executive Council.  The President will appoint all team leaders
and committees not otherwise provided for and will be an ex-officio member
of all committees except the nominating committee.

Section 2.
A. The Vice-President will preside at meetings of the organization
and/or the executive council meetings in the absence of the President. 
Should the President be unable to complete his/her term of office, the
Vice-President will complete the unexpired term.

B. Parliamentarian- The Vice-President will also serve in the capacity
of parliamentarian.  As parliamentarian, the Vice-President, cannot
comment on motions made from the floor and can only vote to break a tie. 
A copy of the Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, and a copy of the
by-laws will be brought to each meeting for use in determining all points
of procedure.  The Vice-President will recommend a review of the by-laws
annually to determine whether any revisions should be recommended.


C. Newsletter- The Vice-President will publish a newsletter monthly
or quarterly (at the Vice-President’s discretion) and mail (at ISO’s expense)
to the members.


D. The Vice-President will act as ISO Historian, which includes keeping
a record of ISO and team history and achievements.

Section 3.
The Secretary will keep a record of the minutes of all meetings of
the organization and the executive council meetings.  The Secretary
will prepare and keep on file a correct list of names and addresses of
the membership and will conduct the correspondence of the organization
and keep a file of correspondence received and copies of communications
sent out.

Section 4.
The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection of all dues and
will control all funds of the organization and disperse them as authorized
by the Executive Council.  The Treasurer will keep a written set of
records showing all receipts and disbursements and will prepare an annual
report for the auditing committee at the first May meeting of each year,
or immediately prior to the new Treasurer assuming office.

The Treasurer will present a statement at every meeting of the Executive
Council and at every meeting of the organization.  The Treasurer will
be responsible for maintaining the currency of all required IRS and other
Federal government forms that may be required for tax exempt organizations.

Section 5.
The duties of the Projects team leader will be to plan and carry out
fund-raising projects other than the bazaar(s).  All projects require
approval of the organization.

Section 6.
The duties of the Publicity team leader will be to publicize the achievements
and activities of the Indianette organization in the appropriate media. 
This will include “Indianette of the Week”.  The publicity team leader
will take pictures as needed for publicity, and coordinate with the Vice-President
who records the historical activities and achievements of the organization.

Section 7.
The Communications team leader will keep the organization’s members
informed of upcoming events and activities.

Section 8.
The Christmas/Spring Bazaar team leader will receive and process all
registration for the show(s) and will be responsible to the organization
by maintaining open communication about the needs of this committee. 
The team leader will be responsible for all publicity for the Christmas/Spring

Section 9.
The team leader for Property/Set Design will be responsible for maintaining
all props/sets in inventory, procurement of additional props/sets, set
up/take down and transportation to and from appropriate events or functions.


ARTICLE IX  -  SPECIAL COMMITTEES__________________________________

Section 1.
Guidelines of the Nominating Committee.  The nominating committee
will consist of five (5) members: One member from each grade level and
one member from the Executive Council with no more than one out going parent/guardian. 
The members of this committee will be elected from the organization in
the April meeting; at which time the Membership Interest Survey form will
be distributed.

The members of the nominating committee will not be allowed to run for
an office while serving on the nominating committee; nor will they nominate
their spouse or any family member for an office.  However, another
committee member may nominate a committee member’s spouse or family member.

When voting on candidates, the nominating committee will vote by ballot,
not a show of hands.

The nominating committee will elect a Chairperson at their first meeting. 
A member from the nominating committee will be selected to be in charge
of contacting the potential candidates, informing them of the office they
have been nominated to hold, and the responsibilities of that office. 
The contact person will request the nominees’ acceptance or decline.

The entire committee’s discussions and all information generated during
the term of the committee will be kept completely confidential among the
committee members.  The committee’s contact person will be the only
committee member having contact with the nominees.

The nominating committee will report at the first ISO meeting in May. 
After this committee meets and reports, the committee will be dissolved
with the exception of the Chairperson, who will conduct the installation
of the new officers at the second meeting in May.

Section 2.
The President will select an auditing committee at the April meeting. 
The auditing committee will consist of two members and will furnish the
organization with a written report of the accuracy of the annual report
of the Treasurer at the 2nd meeting in May (3rd Tuesday) of each year. 
After this committee meets and reports, the committee will be dissolved.

Section 3.
The President may appoint other special committees as the need arises.


ARTICLE X  -  FINANCES________________________________________________

Section 1.
Special Account- The Indianette Service Organization’s special account
will be held as an emergency fund with a minimum amount of $1000. 
Profits accrued as a result of borrowing money from that account may not
be spent until the loan is repaid.

Section 2.
A minimum start up fund for the next ISO fiscal year will be $1500.

Section 3.
Cut-Off Date- All financial transactions shall be concluded by April
30th of each year.  All receipts for expenses not received by that
date will not be paid.

Section 4.
Due date for year-end reports.

A. The Treasurer shall have the year end report prepared by the first
meeting in May.
B. The auditing committee shall have their year end report prepared
by the second meeting in May.


Section 1.
Scholarship requirements:

  • Student must have an 85 grade point average or above.
  • Student must complete and submit a scholarship application to the
    Keller Independent School District Scholarship Committee by the first Monday
    in May.
  • Student must write and submit, to the Scholarship Committee, an essay
    about themselves, including such pertinent facts as: personal data, choice
    of college, personal goals, why they feel they deserve the scholarship,
    and other information which might help the Scholarship Committee with their
  • Student must agree to attend the college of their choice for one
  • Student must submit a high school transcript.
  • Student must submit two (2) written teacher references.
  • Student must submit one (1) written personal reference.  The
    individual writing the reference must be over 18 years of age and may not
    be a member of the student’s family.
  • The deadline for the submission of the above material is (designated
    deadline) to the scholarship counselor at Keller High School.
  • A check will be made payable in their name to the college of the
    recipients choice upon request to the Indianette Service Organization Treasurer.

    Section 2.

    Scholarship Amount- Two scholarships in the amount of five hundred
    dollars ($500) each will be given to two (2) senior Indianettes by the
    Indianette Service Organization.  The selection is made by the Keller
    High School Scholarship Committee based on grades, merit, need, and contribution
    to the Indianette organization.

    Section 3.

    A. Expiration- If a recipient fails to request scholarship moneys by
    October 31st of that year, the recipient may request a one-semester extension.


    B. Disbursement- If the school is not notified by December of that
    same year, the ISO may request the scholarship committee to meet and choose
    another recipient.

    ARTICLE XII  -  DISBANDING A CHAPTER_______________________________

    Upon the dissolution of the association, assets shall be distributed
    for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c)(3)
    of the Internal Revenue Code, or shall be distributed to the federal government,
    or to a state or local government, for public purpose.  Any such assets
    not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of
    the county in which the principal office of the association is then located,
    exclusively for such purposes or to such organizations, as said court shall
    determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

    ARTICLE XIII  -  RULES OF ORDER______________________________________

    Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, will be the authority on all
    questions of procedure not specifically stated in the by-laws of this organization.

    ARTICLE XIV  -  AMENDMENTS_________________________________________

    An amendment to the by-laws may be introduced at any regular meeting
    of the organization, to be acted upon at the next regular meeting of the
    organization.  A copy of the proposed amendment must be filed with
    the Secretary and made available to any member requesting it.  A two-thirds
    (2/3rd) majority of those voting or a majority of the entire membership
    is required to adopt a proposed amendment.

    Adopted 1979.

    Amended November, 1991.

    Amended April, 1993.

    Amended May, 1993.

    Amended March, 1996.

    Amended May, 1998.

    Amended August, 1998.

    Amended May, 1999.

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