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The purpose of the Indianette Dance Team is to promote loyal school spirit, courage encourage quality performance and high academic standards. Through the development of dance technique, leadership, cooperation, self discipline, sportsmanship in each individual member, the Indianettes will fulfill its' purpose for the benefit of Keller High School and the community of Keller Independent School District. We, the Indianettes hereby pledge our time, our ability, our minds and our hearts to this purpose. We agree to abide by the rules as set forth in the constitution.


Being a part of the Indianette organization provides opportunities for many girls and often is the first opportunity to share a common bond and a close relationship with others. Learning what it means to work very closely with other girls, to share in accomplishments and frustration are all part of the sisterhood of Indianettes. To be chosen as an Indianette is a HONOR! To remain an active Indianette, a girl must maintain a passing grade average in each of her courses, maintain a certain standard of dancing ability, keep in healthy and attractive physical shape and uphold all guidelines established for the Indianette organization.

Being an Indianette means being a member of a team; a team which works together, dances together and is TOGETHER! Leadership within the Indianette organization is important and members often have the opportunity to cultivate and demonstrate leadership abilities.

The Indianette organization is a proud group. Not only do they provide a service to their school with the support of the faculty, administration and other organizations on campus, but they also provide a service to the community. Indianettes are ready to help when needed. The Indianette organization provides a real opportunity for a young lady to exert initiative, leadership and creativity. Performing before an audience helps each young lady develop self-assurance and poise. The opportunities to grow, learn and lead that are received through the Indianette organization can ease the transition from adolescence into adulthood.

Commitment and dedication to the Keller High School Indianettes is required of all young ladies who become a part of the team. Participation in this organization is the highlight of the high school years for many young women. There will be many good times, some glory and recognition, but it must be recognized that there are sacrifices that have to be made.

Being selected as an Indianette is an outstanding achievement but is a commitment that must be taken seriously. A young lady must have the support and the understanding of her parent'guardian(s) and the decision to audition should be thoroughly discussed and the commitments realized from the beginning. There are many long hours required of Indianettes, both before and after school, some evenings and weekends.

Parent commitment involves the parent being involved in the Indianette Service Organization, serving on committees, helping with props, etc. One of the strongest assets to the Indianette organization is PARENT INVOLVEMENT!