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Welcome to Indianettes!

When a young lady becomes a member of the Keller Indianettes, her entire family becomes involved as supporters, spectators, and helpers. Being an Indianette makes many demands upon the family involved in terms of time, money and emotional involvement. Despite all of these factors, we hope you will find it a rewarding and enriching experience for each of you.

TIME. Occasionally, family schedules will need to be adjusted at times to accommodate the Indianettes commitments to the organization. This is a team activity, so each girl must be present for rehearsal or a performance, etc. Parents are asked to give of their time to work at activities such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders concession stand, the Christmas and Spring Craft shows, to help with raffle sales, bake sales, the building of props or sewing of costumes, to cook for social events and perhaps most importantly, to attend as many of your daughter's performances as possible.

FINANCIAL COMMITMENT. Every effort is made to keep expenses reasonable, but there are considerable costs associated with being an Indianette. Generally, a first year member will incur a financial commitment of approximately $600.00. In an effort to ease the financial burden, the Indianette Service Organization participates in fundraising to help defray over $20,000 in team expenses. Each member and her family are asked to support these events by giving of their time, talents and encouraging friends to attend because each family directly benefits.

EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT. Each member will have her triumphs and disappointments as an Indianette, and the love and support of her family will be important to her. Celebrate her triumphs-she has worked hard to earn them. Console her during her disappointments, but remember that learning to deal with frustration and pressures are part of her maturation process. Your positive attitude will influence your daughter's reactions to her experiences. You and your daughter should always address your concerns and suggestions to the director or the appropriate Indianette, Indianette officer or the Indianette Service Organization officer. Many problems arise from simple misunderstandings, and there are always improvements to be made, so communication is the only way to affect a solution.

As each of you becomes a part of the Indianette family, the Indianette organization is also a member of your family. Cherish it and protect it-your words and actions should reflect our family's positive image. We are a large family and we must respect each person's individuality while recognizing that we must always consider what is best for the whole. What might not be a problem for one person could be a nightmare if everyone did it, so we must all be willing to "give and take" for the sake of the team. By working together, we will have a wonderful Indianette family and create long lasting memories.


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Please enjoy the handbook. It is designed to be used as a guideline to make us all the best we can be. Good judgment and common sense will be used when issues are not covered in the constitution. In all sincerity, it is hoped that your experience in the Indianette organization will be rewarding, long lasting and that qualities are developed that will be of benefit for an entire lifetime.